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How does video editing work?

How does video editing work, and what is good video editing anyway? In Part 1 of our series on How to Edit Better Videos, we break down some of the key elements of great video editing with some tips for finding your own editing style.

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Sonic Eye Links on Social Media

We’ve been getting some cool posts on social media in our first few weeks in the Social Media jungle!

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Behind Our New Showreel

We’ve just uploaded our 2015 Showreel, featuring one of the worlds coolest extreme sports – snowboarding! This awesome heli-boarding footage was sent to us by Simon from Melbourne, Australia.

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Brand New You’re Retro

Here’s a blast from the past. I created this simple music video way back in 2010 using an old handy-cam, iMovie, and two lamps. It was to promote the CD release for my solo music project ‘radio caroline south’.

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New Year, New Website!

Edit Video for the New Year. Sonic Eye started trading in October 2014 with just a WordPress blog. We’re now excited to be launching our first professional website!

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Hello world!

Hello World, welcome to Sonic Eye! Sonic Eye video editing service is officially launched as of today, 3 October 2014. We are a new kind of video editing service, specialising in travel, action sports and music videos.

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