We’ve just uploaded our 2015 Showreel, featuring one of the worlds coolest extreme sports – snowboarding! This awesome heli-boarding footage was sent to us by Simon from Melbourne, Australia.

We were pretty excited when we received this footage! The video was shot on GoPro by Simon from Melbourne, Australia. This is part of the movie we made from his awesome extreme sport adventure trip – heli-boarding in Queenstown, New Zealand. A huge thanks to Simon for letting us to use your footage in our showreel.

We edited this video from three hours of raw GoPro video footage

We edited from three different sets of footage shot by Simon and his two friends, around three hours of raw footage shot in lovely crisp full-screen HD at 29.97fps. Simon wanted a ‘movie-style’ action sequence, and while he’d expected the usual short ‘highlights’ video of around 3-5 minutes, we told him we’d be able to edit his footage into an awesome action-style movie. Simon’s finished video featured a cool intro sequence and all the best GoPro video footage made into an epic 25 min movie.

We used as much original sound as we could, moving parts from the less interesting footage and adding the sound to the best video moments, then we replaced a lot of sound with sound-samples, including almost all of the helicopter sounds.

Then we created a full music soundtrack featuring some of Simon’s favourite music. We used tracks by M83 and The Naked and Famous, giving a nod to the fantastic snowboarding movie ‘Art of Flight’. We also added cool songs from UNKLE, Chez N Trent and even a little bit of Beastie Boys.

Of course we can’t use those tracks in our showreel, so we’ve made our own ‘cinematic’ version featuring cool production music by Ty Unwin. You may recognize his music if you’re a fan of BBC TV documentaries. The tracks we used are called ‘Mighty Mountain Range’ and ‘Blast Lab’.

The cheesy mid-section shows you what some of the original GoPro video looked and sounded like before we edited it. This idea came from Simon’s original video; the mate who didn’t go heli-boarding got a bit of bagging, so we hope you’re still on speaking terms! The fabulous comic bossa-nova track in this section is called ‘One Beautiful Summer’ by A. Pomeranz and L. Michellini (ya gotta love a bit of kitch!).

We had fun editing this, thanks to Simon and his mates for their well thought-out filming. They really did shoot everything – the helicopter landing and taking off, views from the flyover, you name it. Great quality footage and a real pleasure to work on.

Thanks also to Jon from ‘The Extra Mile’, Harris Mountain Heli-Ski and helicopter pilot Sam from The Helicopter Line, for giving us their permission to include them in our showreel.