GoPro Tips for Snowboarding – Expert Tips on Filming Snowboarding and Winter Sports using GoPro. We’ve got some tips to help you film your snowboarding adventures this winter with your GoPro Hero.

GoPro Tips for Shooting Snowboarding Footage

Camera Placement

GoPro’s are a great way to capture snowboarding like no other camera can, but with so many different settings and accessories and no clear instructions, it’s easy for snowboarders to get frustrated trying to film the content they love. The secret to getting the best footage is choosing the right mount, the right resolution and the right frame rate. In the first part of this series I’ll cover camera placement and the best GoPro angles for snowboarding footage. For tips on GoPro settings for snowboarding, see the second part of the series 5 Best GoPro Tips for Snowboarding. Filming awesome snowboarding footage with your GoPro all starts with choosing the right mount for different points of view. Have you seen snowboarding videos with just one angle? It might only be only a 5 minute video but it feels like it drags on forever. Getting multiple angles instead makes everything feel more dynamic and entertains your audience longer.

Making awesome videos means getting multiple angles

With that in mind, here are my top suggestions for GoPro placement while snowboarding.

1. A wide environmental:

    Get a shot of of the area you will be snowboarding through. Mount your GoPro somewhere in the environment from a gorillapod, a tripod, even a tree or a rock. These shots are usually shot off of something stable but drones are another cool way to introduce the viewer to the terrain.

2. A full character shot:

    Introduce the snowboarders of the film. The easiest way to do this is by attaching a GroPro to an extended arm or pole and following each other down the mountain. You can also use the handlebar mount to attach your camera to a ski pole.

3. A medium character shot:

    This shows the upper torso of the subjects and can also be shot with the ski-pole setup or other extension. Advanced riders can also try recording with a spinner which rotates around the snowboarder from a pivot point on top of the helmet.

4. The character’s face:

    To show the rider’s expressions use a chesty harness with the GoPro pointed upwards. Advanced riders can also try a gnarwal here which hangs from the helmet in front of the rider’s face.

5. The point-of-view shot:

    This captures the action from the subject’s perspective and can be achieved with a mount placed on the top or the side of a helmet.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the gear mentioned above. The important thing is to shoot from multiple vantage points so you can cut back and forth in your final video and keep the attention of your viewers. Get creative using what options you have available and have fun with it. If you have any questions that I didn’t cover in this post, you are welcome to email me at and stay up to date on my latest GoPro tips and tricks by subscribing at my website. This is our first guest post from Jennifer Dobson of Renegade Camera. Jenny is doing a short series of posts for Sonic Eye with her top tips for using GoPro for shooting snowboarding videos. Jenny is a Google Trusted Photographer and an International Travel Writer’s Alliance Photographer who teaches GoPro shooting skills. Keep up with Jenny’s GoPro tips by heading to her website Renegade Camera.