We’re often told that while our videos look great, there’s no way to know how they looked before we edited the footage, so here’s an example. This short version of our Myanmar Balloon Ride video gives you a short glimpse of the original footage before editing.

Holiday Video Editing – Before and After

Here’s a bit of fun! We love a bit of humour, so we hope you enjoy it this. At the same time, the video (which appears in full in Our Work), gives you a short glimpse into how the footage looked and sounded before we edited it.

This is our first ‘promo’ video for holiday video editing, it’s also a ‘before and after’, showing you how some of the original Myanmar Balloon Ride video (which you can see in Our Work) looked before we edited the footage, and gives you an insight into what we can do with your travel video footage. 

As for the ‘before’ section, we couldn’t help ourselves. We love a bit of fun!


Cristina from Sydney wanted her awesome honeymoon trip to Myanmar made into a full-length movie-style video, and authored onto a DVD. Cristina had around 3 hours of total footage, which we edited down to a finished movie of approximately one and a half hours. In this clip, just one from the full movie, Cristina and her partner took an amazing dawn balloon ride over the countryside and temples of Myanmar. 

This is surely some of the most beautiful and dramatic footage we’ve received at Sonic Eye. To see some more videos from Cristina’s amazing movie, go to Our Work.

The production music track here is called ‘Dramatic’ which certainly fits the footage. The composer is Benjamin Segal from Altosync. We can’t use the original soundtrack here because of copyright – we used a Sigur Rós song called ‘Varúð’, so we’ve tried to use a production music track that captures the same feel as the original, and we think this one does a pretty good job.

We love getting footage like this and making it the best it can be. If you have stunning footage like this (even if it doesn’t look stunning right now!) we’d love to see it and to help you turn it into something awesome that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Take a look at some more of Our Work, and if you like what you see, Contact Us.