5 Best GoPro Tips for Snowboarding – Expert Tips on Filming Snowboarding and Winter Sports using GoPro. The secret to getting the best footage is choosing the right mount, resolution and frame rate.

Expert Tips for Shooting Snowboarding & Winter Sports footage using GoPro

Picking the right GoPro setting is often a challenge for snowboarders because there are so many options available with no clear instructions on how to choose. The secret to getting the best footage is choosing the right mount, the right resolution and the right frame rate.

Check out my last post 5 Best GoPro Angles for Snowboarding for advice on mounting your GoPro camera. With the right angles and the right settings, these tips will all help you film more awesome footage with your GoPro while snowboarding this winter.

As far as resolution and frame rate go there are tons of combos available but it’s important for you to know that higher resolution does not always mean higher quality. GoPro cameras have trouble processing some resolutions at certain frame rates which overloads the processor and results in image distortion called aliasing. By taking this into account you can choose a sharper setting and eliminate a lot of those other options.

With fast activity involving tricks or jumps like snowboarding you might also want slow motion as an option and that means you need to film at a higher frame rate. In Australia the standard playback rate is 25 frames per second, so to slow down your footage later while keeping the action smooth you have to shoot more frames per second than your playback rate.

240 frames per second is the highest fps currently on new GoPro models and allows for super slow motion. 240 fps (frame rate) / 25 fps (playback speed) = 8 times slower video on playback. So first, you’ll want to figure out if you need slow motion footage. Then you’ll want to pick the sharpest (not the highest) resolution available for the appropriate frame rate.

Here’s my cheat sheet for using the best combination of settings

Jenny Chart

So you want to get multiple angles and choose the sharpest setting based on frame rate requirements, but there’s a few more tricks that will really help you use your GoPro to it’s fullest.

    1. For smooth footage keep your camera as stable as possible with tight mounts and a smooth wrist when shooting hand held.
    2. Line your shot up before you start shooting. This can be done using the LCD bacpac but I prefer the smartphone app because it uses less battery. Once your shot is lined up turn off your camera wifi to save power.
    3. With a closed, waterproof housing add anti-fog strips to keep the lens from fogging up.
    4. Use a skeleton case or an open frame for clearer audio but remember these option are not waterproof.
    5. Remember that adhesive mounts do not always stick well in freezing temperatures.

So choose the sharpest setting you can, keep your camera smooth and stable, line up your shot, choose your housing based on water protection and audio needs and have fun getting creative.

If you have any questions that I didn’t cover in this post, you are welcome to email me at renegadejenny@gmail.com and stay up to date on my latest GoPro tips and tricks.

This is our second guest post from Jennifer Dobson of Renegade Camera. Jenny is a Google Trusted Photographer and an International Travel Writer’s Alliance Photographer who teaches GoPro shooting skills. Jenny is doing a short series for Sonic Eye on her top tips for using GoPro for shooting snowboarding videos.