We get a lot of different enquiries here at Sonic Eye, so we’ve taken a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. Read on for the lowdown, and if your question isn’t answered here please feel free to get in touch.

Sonic Eye FAQ’s

Q. Do you edit honeymoon videos?

A. Yes! We edit a lot of honeymoon videos. If you’ve been on an amazing holiday for your honeymoon, we’ll edit you a fantastic video so you can relive all those memories.

Q. Do you edit wedding videos?

Normally we don’t edit weddings, however due to the current Covid-19 crisis, many people are unable to attend their loved one’s special day. Until the crisis is over, we will be taking wedding videos, funeral videos, memorial tribute videos and any other family video content that you’d normally share with your loved ones in person. We’ll be offering discounted rates for videos of any of these events until further notice. (Updated April 2020).

Q. Can you edit my son/daughter’s team sports footage?

Yes we can, we’ve edited many of these, both personal videos for your own memories, and pitches or applications to overseas sporting schools, coaches and teams.

Q. Do you edit home movies?

Yes we do, we edit a lot of special occasions videos, such as 18th, 21st and 50th birthdays, particularly when you’re planning a big gathering and want to show it on the big screen.

Q. Can you convert my DVDs/Hi 8/Video tapes to digital format?

We don’t do this in house, but we can recommend some great providers of these services, and advise you of the best format for your digitised videos.

Q. Can you make me a whiteboard explainer video?

No, sorry we don’t make these.

Q. Do you do video production as well as editing?

Yes we do. We can put a small video production team together to cover your shoot, and we can find crew in most places across Australia, with an appropriate amount of notice.

Q. Can you help us to work out a shoot script/marketing strategy for our small business videos?

Yes we can, but we only offer this service if we’re also shooting and/or editing your videos.

Q. Can I hire a videographer from Sonic Eye? I don’t need any editing.

No, we’re not a hire service and we specialise in video editing, so we don’t organise videography unless we’re also editing the footage.

Q. Can I come into your office and sit with you while you edit my movie?

No, because there are no premises to come into! Sonic Eye is a small collective of freelance professionals, so we are all home-based.

Q. Can you blur the faces in our CCTV footage?

Yes, as long as it meets both these criteria: 

  • if you’re using the content for a court case, you have confirmed that editing/changing the footage is ok, and;
  • the video is in a regular format we can work with, like .mov or .mp4
Q. Can you take the music out of my video and replace it?

Only if you have the original video construction files. If the music is in an exported video, there is no way to remove it. You’ll need to get the footage edited again if you can’t get the original video editing construction files.

Q. How much does it cost to get a video edited?

It depends on how long the finished video will be, how much footage we’re cutting from, and other details like graphics, colour-grading, voiceovers and music. Let us know as much as you can about your video needs, and we’ll put together an estimate for you.

Q. Can you take out the background noise in my video?

It depends. If there’s a lot of noise and low sound-levels (especially if people are talking in a video), then chances are you won’t get a great result. If you have strong sound-levels, and the noise isn’t so loud, we may be able to clean up the sound for you. We won’t be able to remove background noise altogether but we may get a good result if its quiet (i.e. the sound of an air conditioner in the background).

We only provide this service on videos we’re also editing.

We hope that clears up some of the questions we’re frequently asked, but if your question didn’t appear here, just Get In Touch and ask us!