Are you having trouble getting your GoPro camera to mount on your Mac? Yeah, we’ve been there. We found a really simple way to get the camera to mount without needing any special software. Check it out and see if it works for you too.

Having trouble getting your GoPro camera to mount on your Mac?

We had the same problem while trying to get footage off a GoPro Silver Hero4 for one of our clients. The camera just would not mount on the desktop, and the card reader mounted but it showed no footage. We tried all our usual ‘fixes’ with no success, we scanned the troubleshooting info on GoPro’s site and we checked the ‘usual suspect’ forums, but all we seemed to find was a whole lot of confusion. Plenty of discussion, but no solutions. It took a little while (and a quick call to GoPro’s tech support) but we found a really simple fix. If you’re looking for a solution for getting your GoPro footage onto your Mac give it a try.

Follow these four simple steps
  • 1. Power up the GoPro camera. If the battery is low, charge it up first as that seemed to affect how well this worked..
  • 2. Connect your GoPro (while switched off) to your computer using the original usb cable, and then power it on.
  • 3. Open Image Capture in your Applications folder. Even though the camera doesn’t mount on your desktop, you should now see the Hero.
  • 4. Wait a while (quite a while, it seemed to us!) and your files gradually should start to appear.

Once loaded, you can just drag and drop the files over to your computer or backup drive and you’re good to go. After reading all the discussions on this topic this was an amazingly simple fix, so we hope helps out a few people. We used this method to get GoPro from a particularly stubborn GoPro Silver Hero4, it worked even though the camera still didn’t appear on the desktop.

Have you had problems getting your GoPro to mount on a Mac desktop? What was your solution?