We hear this a lot, and we’re here to help. We are a creative video editing service based in Sydney, but we edit footage from all over the world. What makes Sonic Eye different from other video editing services? We custom-edit your videos, just the way you want.

How do you choose a video editing service?

If you’re searching for video editors, getting confused by the many services out there, and saying to yourself ‘I just want someone to edit my footage!’ we understand! There are so many services, and a host of freelancers and sites offering video editing services, so how can you choose the one you want?

If price is your main concern, there are lots of cheap services out there, but if you want a really great video, made exactly the way you want, that’s where Sonic Eye can help you. Unlike other video editing services, we’re a Fully Custom Video Editing Service for Your Footage. We create unique, individual videos for our clients, based on their specifications and tastes.

How do We Do It?

First we consult with you to find out who you are, what you like, and what you want your video to be like. All of our video editing is custom, because we take the time to talk to you and find out what you want your finished video to be like.

We’ll ask you some questions like ‘what are your favourite movies?’ and ‘what kind of music do you like?’ to get a clearer idea of your personal tastes so that we can edit your video into something you’ll really love.

Video Editing is much more than ‘cutting out the bad bits’, it is the craft of creating a story and that is what we do.

Here’s an Example:

Our client Andy went to France with his friends to ride the Tour de France circuit (just for fun!). We asked him about his taste in movies and music, and then we used this information to work out an editing style for Andy’s video.

While I was editing one particular scene of his video, a full-length documentary-style movie, I noticed a little segment where Andy and his friends were heading to a  local café for breakfast. Andy had told us that he liked the movies of Quentin Tarantino, so I kept this little scene and I cut the sequence to mimic Tarantino’s style, choosing a music track to put behind it – ‘Pump it Up’ by Elvis Costello – that generated a similar feeling to Tarantino’s style.

When Andy saw this section of the film, he immediately made the comment that it ‘looks like a Tarantino movie!’ – Perfect! Exactly what I was aiming for. Because he loves those films, he immediately spotted (and loved) the influence.

It’s this kind of personalisation that sets Sonic Eye apart from ordinary video editing services. We want your video to be unique, creative and above all individual – just like you. It’s the reason that most of our clients are repeat customers.

All Sonic Eye video packages include rough-cut edits to review online before we complete your video editing

You get to see a draft version of the video, so you can send us your comments, ideas, compliments (we hope!) or criticism (we can take it!). This helps us to find out if we’re on the right track with our editing, and if we’re not, we can change the editing approach.

We can also make your videos based entirely on your direction, and you can even send us an edit-list if you know exactly what you want, which is perfect for professionals, or for keen amateurs who simply don’t have the time to achieve the finished video they really want. We edit both amateur and professional footage, to order.

We also edit quality small business videos, home movies, travel videos, music videos, and action sports videos, and we can create everything from a marketing video to a documentary or feature-movie from your videos. We’ll add a music soundtrack of your own choice, or search out music that we know you’ll love (because we’ve asked your tastes already). For online videos, we’ll source and select high-quality, copyright-cleared Production Music for you, all based on your tastes.

Don’t have any videos, only photos?

We also make animated photo slideshows from your holiday pictures, with music, or with our signature full background soundtrack, so we can still make you an awesome travel memory, even if you don’t have any video of your trip.

We hope that clarifies things for anyone who is new to our unique video editing service. We are working on an FAQ of some of the questions that come up a lot, but you can always just Get In Touch and ask us.

  • Thalia Kemp is the sound and video editor at Sonic Eye video in Sydney, Australia.