On our 7th Birthday, we’re heading into Space! Regular readers will know that our founder Thalia has been interested in space and space technology for years. In 2021 she jumped at the chance to be involved in a real Space Project.

On our 7th Birthday – I’m going to Space!

On our 7th Birthday – I’m going to Space! Our regular readers will know that I’ve always had my eyes on the skies. I’ve had an interest in space and space technology for years, and in 2021 I had the opportunity to be involved in a real Space Project.

While all eyes have been on the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission, I’ve been involved in a real Australian Space Mission. While I’m not at liberty to divulge the details (I’m working on the project as an individual, outside of Sonic Eye), I can tell you that I watched a live launch that was every bit as exciting for me as Inspiration4.

All editors have a few ‘dream projects’ they’ve always wanted to work on, I’ve always wanted to make Space Documentaries. As a math and physics drop-out with an arts background, I never thought I’d be involved in anything related to the space industry. This year brought an incredible opportunity for me to cross something off my bucket list, and join a real space mission.

Down the track, possibly after the mission is completed, I hope to be able to share a few of the results with you on our website, but until then, keep your eye’s on the skies! If you’re interested in finding out more about the Australian Space Industry, a quick online search will show you there’s a huge amount happening. It’s a very new industry here, but it’s moving fast!

While I’ve been working on this project outside of Sonic Eye, there’s been a lot happening here as well. 2021 has been kind to Sonic Eye. Of course, it has been challenging too! Our usual focus is on travel videos and x-sports, and most people have videos made of their adventures soon after they’ve been on a big trip, so the shutdown of national and international travel had a huge impact.

And yet, some of our biggest opportunities have come this year as well. One door closes, another opens. This year, Sonic Eye gained some of our biggest clients to date, and we’ve been busy making many different kinds of video content. With most people stuck at home and businesses moving online to connect with their customers, the demand for video content has been huge and I’ve shared work with more editors than ever before.

Many of our videos this year focussed on what people value the most, friends, family and personal connections. We are so lucky that, for the most part, we’ve been able to stay connected via the internet to share important milestones, keep in touch, and see our loved ones, at least virtually.

The Inspiration4 mission focussed on what they saw as the best of human qualities, Leadership, Hope, Prosperity and Generosity. I’m feeling those qualities in spades as the year nears its end. My personal goals for 2022 are to focus on developing my leadership skills, and to share the prosperity this year has (finally) delivered with others, both via work opportunities, and through charity donations (there is still an environmental crisis taking place that needs our attention!).

Like most businesses, Sonic Eye started from a challenging place in January 2021 with no certainty we’d even survive, but we’re rounding the year up full of hope for the future.

Thalia Kemp is the founder and lead editor at Sonic Eye video editing.