It’s been another big year for Sonic Eye video editing, and we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday today! Big highlights this year included an African Safari, and a trek to Machu Picchu.

It’s our second year of making your footage awesome, and we’re celebrating! Over this past year, we’ve edited even more of your fabulous family videos, travel footage and small business videos.

Our big highlights from this year included a simply amazing African Safari travel video, which features in our showreels, and an epic seven day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru.

We also edited a series of YouTube videos for Asus Australia, two videos for Panasonic (in-house sales incentive staff to win a trip to Africa!) and we also took on our biggest video production shoot to date, an entire year’s worth of online video content for Sydney property procurement company, Oasis Property. 

In between all of this, our founder and lead editor found the time to take a six-month course in Advanced Video Post-Production, and to take on freelance work at Metro Screen (editing conference footage for the NSW Justice Department), and as an Assistant Editor on a US TV show with Quail TV. It’s been a very busy year!

We’re looking forward to seeing what surprises your footage in 2017 brings!