We’re celebrating our fourth year in business this year but it’s been a variable one for Sonic Eye, kicking off with a fractured wrist for our lead video editor!

Early 2018 wasn’t the best start to a year we’ve had at Sonic Eye, kicking off with our editor Thalia breaking her wrist in two places and being unable to work for several months.

On top of this, what had been a temporary casual gig as an Assistant Editor turned into a full-time job for Thalia, meaning most of her time was taken up with this. The opportunity to work on a long-running US Television show was just too good an opportunity to miss and the experience has been great, with Thalia achieving her first screen credits as an Assistant Editor across several seasons, and Editor for one episode of the long-running US reality show Texas Flip ‘N’ Move which airs on the Discovery Channel.

The workload took a toll on Sonic Eye and the amount of work we were able to take on this year, however the big plus of this slight detour was an increased income allowing Thalia to completely update her editing and sound editing system, both software and hardware. This investment will set Sonic Eye up well into the future, with improved sound editing software and hardware, new studio speakers, a brand new iMac with plenty of processing power, and new editing RAIDs.

All of this means faster, better video editing results for you, our wonderful clients. Added to this Thalia’s experiences in the world of television have added to her editing knowledge and technical skills hugely. She’s also added colour-grading to her skillset, so we are now able to offer this in-house. We’re looking forward to what 2019 will bring for Sonic Eye!

If you’d like to find out more about what we do, head to our video editing Services pages, or check out Our Work.