The Odyssey Project

Our friend and media colleague, Petar Bojović, has been in Serbia for a year working in the humanitarian sector. His work is focussed on the migration crisis in Europe along the Balkan Route.

In Petar’s own words;

There were no human stories being told about people seeking a better life for themselves. I wanted to combine my passion and experience in media production to tell some of these stories and that’s how I came up with the Odyssey Project’.

The Odyssey Project is a documentary film that looks to counter some of the negative rhetoric around the refugee crisis. They have been fortunate enough to get the backing of a few production houses and corporate sponsors, however to successfully complete the project, they need to come up with further funding.

They have launched a Crowdfunder to support the production, so we’re sharing this with our contacts and readers to help them raise the funding they need.

Filming has just kicked off, so if you can’t support the project with funding, please support it by sharing to your Facebook feed!

You can find more detailed information about the project including the team behind it on their Website. You can also view the trailer to the documentary here!

Along with a group of friends, Petar has established a startup NGO, Refugee Aid Serbia to help distribute humanitarian aid to thousands of migrants traveling from Turkey to Western Europe.

As a media professional, one of the things that struck Petar the most was the lack of media coverage given to the crisis that isn’t either negative or victimising of the people caught in it.

If the humanitarian crisis, and media and political response to it concerns you, we hope you’ll get behind the project or donate directly to Refugee Aid Serbia.

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