Variously described as Psychedelic, Post-Rock and Avant-Garde, Sydney based group Svntax Error brings a host of musical influences to their unique style. We made this video for them by using a live performance recording, iPhone footage of a series of gigs, and a whole lot of editing time.


Described variously as Psychedelic, Post-Rock, and Avant-Garde, Sydney based band Svntax Error (previously Syntax Error) evade categorization as they pursue their distinctive musical style. Ben Aylward, Ben Eadie, Matthew Syres and Peter Yates play music which is sometimes elegant and gentle, sometimes furious, and always partially improvised. While they have distinct and recognizable songs their performances are never entirely the same. As one audience member commented to Thalia (our video editor), ‘What I like about them is they’re not afraid to experiment’.

The video was shot entirely by Thalia on an iPhone at five different shows at various music venues in Sydney’s Inner City, including the Hideaway Bar Enmore, Townhall Hotel, Newtown, Victoria on the Park Marrickville and the Oxford Arts Factory in Paddington. The music was recorded live at the Vic on the Park using a zoom recorder and mixed by guitarist Matthew Syres.

As our opening showpiece for Music Video Production, it’s a promising start. We encourage bands who want a video made for online (from your video content, or a full music video production shoot) to contact us.

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