Go behind the scenes on our music video shoot for Léa Villani’s first single, ‘Inconditionnellement’ at Coogee Beach in Sydney, Australia. We were so lucky to complete this shoot just one week prior to the Coronavirus shutdown.

Sonic Eye headed to Coogee Beach in Sydney to shoot a music video for emerging French-Australian music artist Léa Villani with her daughter Emma, for her single ‘Inconditionnellement’. Léa wanted to create a music video with her daughter Emma.

Léa has a background in circus performance and acrobatics, so we wanted to highlight this in the video, but the main focus of ‘Inconditionnellement’ is on Emma, her little daughter.

In Léa’s own words,

‘My story started with my daughter. First time I experienced that powerful love as a Mum, I was so full of happiness, I felt the need to express it through art. A night of no sleep in October 2019, I wrote ‘Inconditionnellement’ in two hours. I invented the melody but I was not into any instruments, ever. I asked my pianist friend to write the notes for me. The song ‘Inconditionnellement’ was born’.

Since then, Léa has caught the music bug, as she says,

‘I wanted more…so I started learning piano by myself and created from scratch my second song, text, melody and piano. Music is like a drug, you know that feeling so I wanted to write more’.

I do know that feeling, and I can vouch for its strength as a musician myself for many years.

Here are some out-takes from the footage on the day;

Videographer Ty Bowmaker from Captyvate was my collaborator on this shoot, this was his first music video project but Ty was the perfect choice for this shoot. He’s a fit outdoor guy who focusses on shooting action footage.

I have to say I worked both Léa and Ty pretty hard, running around on the beach and climbing all over the playground climbing ropes (Ty lugging a camera and gimbal with him!). Here are some photos of Léa and videographer Ty in action.

Since writing ‘Inconditionnellement’, Léa practices and creates music every day. She’s written another eight songs since this one, and with the lockdown will probably write many more.

This song is her love story, both with her gorgeous daughter and with making music as well. To me, Léa’s story is reminiscent of the 1960’s artist Astrid Gilberto, who became a singing sensation almost by accident because of her natural charm. I’m sure that Léa has a bright future as a music artist, and I hope this will be the first of many more collaborations!

This was such a fun day for all concerned. There is no way we could have known how much life would have changed just one week later, with most of Australia put into lockdown and beaches closed. I hope that Léa’s song and our music video will bring you back a little cheer, and be a reminder of the halcyon days we’ll get to enjoy when this is all over.

You can connect with Léa on Facebook, check out more of her music on YouTube, or link with Léa’s Instagram.

Head to Our Work to watch the music video, or to our Music Videos page for more on our music video production services.

  • Thalia is the editor and music video producer at Sonic Eye