With the controversy raging over this year’s Golden Globe nominations, here’s our pick of some of the best shows to watch next in 2021.

What to Watch in 2021

The 2021 Golden Globes nominations have stirred up much controversy both for those include, and those left out. We think The Crown should be a real contender for at least one Golden Globes award, with Olivia Coleman’s performance a standout. If you’ve binged your way through season 4 of The Crown already, here’s our pick of what to watch next in Australia.

Hidden Gems:

The Queen’s Gambit
If you love 60’s music, strong female characters or chess then don’t miss The Queen’s Gambit. Written by Walter Tevis (who also wrote The Man Who Fell to Earth and The Color of Money), this is a must-see. Beautifully made, great characters, polished direction and cinematography, and a totally killer 1960s soundtrack. No chess knowledge required.
  • Watch on Netflix


Call My Agent!
If you love French films or you laughed your head off at Extras, then check this out. Original title Dix pour Cent, (‘Ten Percent’, the amount agents apparently earn in France), this droll comedy features an awesome line up of cameos from famous French actors and actresses (Oui, they still have actresses in France). This show appears to have become a runaway success in its home country judging by the stellar cast of France’s finest talent doing a turn. Great fun to ‘spot the famous face’ in a similar way to Absolutely Fabulous. Our pick is season 3.
  • Watch on Netflix


The Trial of the Chicago 7
If you love a good drama, this delivers in spades. Directed by Aaron Sorkin and with a great cast including Eddie Redmayne who is superb as usual, and Sacha Baron Cohen who is almost unrecognisable and equally impressive, this is a really powerful film. For those who don’t know anything about the real events, this ‘based on true life’ story will shock you not just for the violence on the streets, but the extraordinary injustice that plays out in the courtroom. This is a worthy nominee for the Globe awards. Not to be missed!
  • Watch on Netflix
Green Book
A fantastic film from 2018 with a theme of racism in tune with current events, this is also a film about music and friendship. Based on a true story, with wonderful performances by the lead actors. Frank Vallelonga (played by a decidedly dishevelled looking Viggo Mortensen), a New York bouncer heads on a tour of the American south with jazz musician Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) as his minder. Set in the 1960s when segregation was still commonplace in the American south, the film explores both the best and the worst of human nature. Highly recommended.
  • Watch on Netflix
Another notable snub at the Globes nominations, Lupin is a terrific drama series featuring Omar Sy in the lead role of Assane Diop, a man chasing revenge for the death of his father. Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin, a fictional thief from the 1900s, Assane goes on a vendetta against the family he blames for framing his father for theft and causing his suicide. Filmed mainly in Paris, and with an engrossing plot, there’s a lot to like here.
  • Watch on Netflix


The Mandalorian
For my regular readers, it won’t come as a surprise that I’ve already binged the whole of this. Described by one critic as a ‘space-western’, that’s not far from the truth (imagine Clint Eastwood in space going from planet to planet, instead of town to town). Great costumes, weird aliens, spaceships and a miniature Yoda – what’s not to like? I particularly enjoyed the use of the storyboards as the end titles graphics. If you don’t know what a storyboard is, take a look. These are some very fine examples of how a movie script is created in pictures before filming. I’m looking forward to The Book of Boba Fett!
  • Watch on Disney+


The Long Way Up
Our pick for the action adventures lover and free with Apple TV+ if you recently bought a new Apple product. The new series the Long Way Up is available, but you’ve never seen these start at the beginning with Long Way Round. In each series actors, Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan) and Charlie Boorman ride their motorcycles across a continent, with enough drama to keep most of us hooked while taking in the scenery, people and places. In the new series Ewan and Charlie take on South America, riding from the very bottom of the continent and travelling up to LA on electric-powered Harleys. *Note there’s a lot of swearing!
  • Watch on Apple TV+

No Streaming Service?

If you’re in Australia but you don’t have a streaming service, there’s still plenty to watch. These shows are all available to stream for free on catchup TV.


War of the Worlds
If you didn’t see this yet, put up with the ads for this one. Based on H.G. Wells’ famous novel you already know the story, but this is a brand-new take in a modern setting. A stellar cast lead by Gabriel Byrne, this multi-lingual production is superbly shot and directed. It’s a real nail-biter in the Hitchcock sense, with the tension coming from the implied threat rather than in-your-face scares. This will keep you poised on the edge of your seat, I promise.
  • Watch on SBS On Demand
The Accident
This is gritty UK drama at its best. It starts out looking like a standard political drama but quickly heats up into a story centred around a dramatic incident that touches a small Welsh community. Sarah Lancashire heads up the cast, but you’ll recognize a lot of faces if you watch UK shows.
  • Watch on ABC iView
If you haven’t seen this at all there are now 3 seasons on SBS On Demand and a 4th in progress. This is a total change of pace, for people who enjoy gorgeous settings and melodrama. It features some pretty over the top storylines, but I think it’s just salvaged by its twists and by the complex character of the lead, played by Julia Styles.
  • Watch on ABC iView
A classy UK drama starring Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria and Tom Hughes as Prince Albert. The series follows their journey through the many dramas and upheavals that marked her reign. A bit of a history lesson and well worth a look if you like a good historical drama.
  • Watch on iView
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