Edit Video for the New Year. Sonic Eye started trading in October 2014 with just a WordPress blog. We’re now excited to be launching our first professional website!

Happy Edit Video New Year everyone! We’re all done on our new website design, drop us an email to tell us what you think.

When Sonic Eye started trading in October 2014, like many new business start-ups we put up a temporary website with some contact details but it was pretty basic. Our new site has loads of room to expand, add in our news and stories on our favourite pieces of work, a place for our showreels and plenty of space to start a blog.

We’re thinking ‘how to edit my footage’, and ‘how to shoot better videos’ for starters, but let us know if you have any topics you’d like us to cover and we’ll see what we can do!

We’re very ‘DIY’ here at Sonic Eye and we think we’ve done a pretty awesome job, but if you think we’re missing something, or would like to see a blog on a particular topic, just drop us an email and let us know.